Happiness project imagine

What makes you happy?

Take a few seconds and think about happiness. What’s the first image that pops into your mind?

  • The first day of snow or the waves of the sea? A brand new car, a bike, or the house of your dreams? Maybe grandma’s delicious apple pie?
  • A glass of red wine after a bad day at work or a food night out with your friends?
  • The sparkling mirror that relishes your hair and clothes every morning and gives you a smile to wear for the whole day?
  • The day you rocked a presentation but you know that you were scared like hell?
  • A smile that touched your heart or a smile that traveled far, far away and made someone happy?

I started my #HappinessProject in 2014. It was a challenge for myself to do all sort of things that bring me joy and thus view life as the sum of great unique experiences. I’ve done a lot of traveling, tried and learned new things, pushed my limits, and smiled a lot. The feeling is great!!! Life has its ups and downs, but my greatest lesson learned is that you are the one to create your moments of happiness. You should do this every day and take a few seconds… to just enjoy them. 🙂

Now, I want to take this project to the next level and share smiles and reasons of happiness with everyone who reads this article. I plan on creating THE pocket guide of happiness with all the things that make us happy. And yes, 2017 is a great year to be happy, so please share your answer to the question “What makes you happy?” in a comment box below.

On March 20th, 2018, the next International Day of Happiness, everyone contributing to this project will receive an online copy of the happiness pocket guide.

My philosophy follows the “smile and the world will smile with you” principle. Share your own reasons for happiness and do touch someone’s life inspiring them to see reasons of happiness around themselves.