Discover HR

Let’s discover HR, step by step, together!

It was a challenge for me to discover who I am and what I can offer to others. I lost myself a few times during the last 5 years, but each time I found myself by writing a new chapter to this project. And now it’s the time to share my gift with you.

Discover HR Step by Step is a mentorship program for people eager to learn HR and build a career in Human Resources. It takes 3 months and brings along weekly creative assignments and online sharing discussions.

I’ll help you dive into all Human Resources activities: recruitment, onboarding, career management, training, and offboarding. We will have fun, learn new things, and discover new cultures and new ways of thinking. And I’m saying “we” because it’s a learning experience for both you and me.

What is NOT this program?

  • Just another boring learning experience
  • A standard collection of courses, presentations and other materials; the internet is full of that. This program is all about learning by doing and sharing knowledge.
  • A very expensive learning experience. It’s a gift, so it’s free of charge. Just bring your commitment and passion for learning into this project.
  • A multi-lingual experience. All assignments and discussions will be in English.
  • A diploma or certification program. It’s not meant to issue you a certification or a diploma and it won’t directly lead to an employment offer.

But it WILL help you discover the beautiful HR domain in a practical manner.


Register by the end of October 2019 with the help of this form. We start in November 2019 and finish in January 2020.

There are 5 seats available and I’ll contact those of you who have registered regarding the next steps.


Let’s discover HR, step by step, together! 🙂